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Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) - Plant Sciences Unit

ILVOILVO is a governmental research institute that performs scientific research and provides services to policy-makers and professionals in agriculture, horticulture and fisheries. During the technical tour we will visit the Plant Sciences Unit. The visit will cover breeding activities (woody ornamentals, Rhododendron and roses), tissue culture related research, and biotechnology facilities. Also research on improved identification of plant pathogens, better knowledge of the plant/pathogen relationship, and development of alternatives to the chemical control of pathogens in various cropping systems will be highlighted.

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The Research Centre for Ornamental Plants (PCS)

PCSPCS has the expertise and facilities to carry out applied scientific research and practice-oriented research. All research is organized thematically. Important research themes are the optimization of culture methods, growth and flowering regulation, use of energy, quality and post-harvest properties of ornamental plants. Environmental protection has become a very important theme. This includes trials in closed culture systems where water and fertilisers are recycled so that nothing can leach into the subsoil. Under the theme of plant protection, minimising the use of chemical products has also become a central issue. Integrated control is an important aspect of this research. A complementary aspect of this research is the observation and warning system for pests and diseases in nursery stock.


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