Post-congress tour

On Thursday 5 July, 2 different post-symposium technical tours will take place. Each tour features 3 outstanding nurseries. These tours represent a unique opportunity to get a closer look at the Belgian nursery industry.

Tour 1

Vandeputte NVVandeputte NV

Vandeputte NV supplies mainly young conifers and shrubs. Each year, approximately 5, 500, 000 plants divided over nearly 1200 varieties are produced in 9-cm pots. The plants are mainly grown from cuttings, but a small proportion is produced from seed and grafts. Ninety-five percent of Vandeputte’s production is exported to European countries and beyond.

Willy De Nolf NurseriesWilly De Nolf Nurseries

Willy De Nolf is the biggest and most specialised container plant nursery in Belgium. This company produces a wide range of specialities and unique varieties on 25 ha of container fields and greenhouses. Plants are sold to garden centres as well as landscape gardeners in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Steven Dewulf NurserySteven Dewulf Nursery

This nursery started in 2005 with the production of a broad assortment of mainly grafted street and ornamental trees as Acer, Betula, Fagus, Quercus, etc. The company focuses on 3- to 4-year-old trees which are then sold to other nurseries or greenkeepers.


Tour 2

Coppens bvbaCoppens bvba

Coppens nursery has 5 ha of container fields, 4000 m² of plastic greenhouses, and 8 ha of ground culture. This nursery features a broad assortment of Hydrangea, flowering shrubs and roses which are mainly sold to wholesalers and garden centres.

Dierick nurseryDierick nursery

Dierick nursery is specialised in the production of street trees and ornamental trees. Both grafted and non-grafted trees are grown in size 6/8 till 14/16. Plants are mainly sold to other nurseries or greenkeepers.

Tom Leybaert BVBA

Tom Leybaert BVBA Tom Leybart BVBA is a company highly specialized in the cultivation of Azalea indica and Rhododendrons. Besides that, the company also cultivates Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii. Because of the large scale, 11 hectares, and the degree of automation, Tom Leybaert BVBA assures products with the highest quality, uniformity and continuity standards.

Note: The post-congress tours require a minimum of 20 participants.

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