Operator exposure for greenhouse spray applications

Operator’s safety is still one of the main problems concerning greenhouse spray applications in South European horticulture. The main objective of this study, performed in collaboration with CropLife International, was to compare potential dermal exposure (PDE) between traditional hand-held spray application techniques (i.e. a standard spray gun walking forwards, a spray lance walking forwards and backwards) and novel spray application techniques with spray booms (i.e. a trolley, the Fumimatic and the Fumicar).
It was found that novel spray application techniques using spray booms greatly decrease operator exposure because the operator is not walking directly into the spray cloud and the sprayed crop and because of their higher capacity. Depending on the type of spray application, other parts of the body need to be protected most.

    spray lance    spray boom: trolley    Spray boom: Fumimatic    Spray boom: Fumicar


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