Orchard nozzle flow rate test bench

The orchard nozzle flow rate test benches are used for a precise measurement of the flow rate of hydraulic nozzles when mounted on the sprayer.

A digital and an analogue test bench are available. Both test benches are mobile and can measure up to 16 nozzles simultaneously.

Analogue nozzle test bench

analogue nozzle test bench

  • The measuring set-up and protocol fulfils the requirements set by ISO 5682-2 'Equipment for crop protection - Spraying equipment - Part 2: Test methods for hydraulic sprayers‘
  • Based on time measurement and reading out measuring tubes

Digital nozzle test bench

digital nozzle test bench

  • Flow rate measurement by means of 16 turbine flow meters
  • Wireless connected to a computer with read out software
  • Reading out flowrates and total volumes
  • Continuous measuring possible


  • Analogue orchard nozzle test bench:
    • Callibrating and testing orchard and other types of sprayers
  • Digital orchard nozzle test bench:
    • Precise and fast flow rate measurements lab or in the field
    • Calibrating and testing orchard and other types of sprayers