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pcg, proefcentrum Kruishoutem

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Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt


Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

How to reach Ghent by car?

  • On the highway (E40 Brussel/Oostende or E17 Antwerpen/Kortrijk), take the exit "Gent Centrum".
  • At the bifurication, just before the overpass, take the exit "alle richtingen" (and not "Gent Centrum").
  • Under the overpass, take the extreme left lane.
  • Make a left turn at the first traffic light (direction "Zelzate" and "Eeklo").
  • Continue the ring-road (Sint Lievenslaan, Citadellaan, Charles De Kerckhovelaan, Ijzerlaan, Godshuizenlaan, Martelaarslaan) until the 7th traffic light (just before a church).
  • Turn right just before the church into the "Ekkergemstraat" and continue until you reach the canal Coupure.
  • On your left hand side you will see the entrance of the faculty campus.
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