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The introduction of non-native species is often linked to a threat to the local biodiversity. Several guidelines and policy pay already attention to this (OSPAR, ICES, the European Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the IMO Ballast Water Convention ...).

What are the reasons of their success in our regions, what are their vectors, what is their impact and how do we best deal with these species?
To bring policy and science together ILVO organizes, in cooperation with Vliz, Museum (MUMM) and UGent, the conference "Non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic".

It promises to be an interesting program consisting of presentations and an extensive poster session.
We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract on one of the following topics: success of non-native species and their vectors, structural and functional biodiversity, threats and risks, positive aspects of their success and control and "early warning".

Open for scientists, policy makers/advisors, academics and stakeholders.

EXTENDED deadline abstract submission: 1 September 2013.


Day 1: General introduction of non-indigenous species based on science and policy
Reasons for their success in the North-East Atlantic and vectors
Day 2: Structural and functional biodiversity
Threats/security and risk assessment
Day 3: Control and early warning systems
Positive aspects/opportunities
Closing message

Presentations by invited speakers
Selected presentations based on abstracts
Extensive poster session

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