Project Partner 3: Deltares

Deltares is a leading independent institute (not-for-profit) for water and subsurface issues, based in the Netherlands. We employ over 800 water and subsurface experts and are active in research and we are an internationally operating specialist consultancy. Throughout the world, our advanced expertise enables safe, clean and sustainable living in deltas, coastal areas and river basins. We develop knowledge, innovative products and services, pool our knowledge with others, and make the results available. We advise governments, NGOs, other knowledge institutes and the private sector. Our expertise allows us to make well-balanced and independent assessments of the physical condition of deltas, coastal areas and river basins. All contracts and projects, whether financed privately, or from strategic research budgets, contribute to the consolidation of our knowledge base. Furthermore, we believe in openness and transparency, as is illustrated by our open source software.

The participation of Deltares in the MICRO project is made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

Project team

Dick Vethaak, eco-toxicologist. Involved in all Activities.

Dick VethaakDick Vethaak is a senior specialist in the Ecosystem Analysis and Assessment Department of Deltares and holds a professorship in Ecotoxicology at the VU University of Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies. He received his PhD in biology from the University of Amsterdam and is a registered toxicologist with the Dutch Society of Toxicology and EUROTOX. His research includes the study of the effects of contaminants on aquatic organisms, endocrine disruption, development and application of bioassays and biomarkers, and integrated monitoring and assessment methods, and his interests include toxicological pathological studies in fish and studies to resolve cause-and-effect problems in aquatic organisms and birds. He is (co)editor of 3 books and 3 symposium proceedings and (co)author of about 80 peer-reviewed articles and more than 200 reports.

Myra van der Meulen, marine ecologist. Involved in all Activities.

Myra van der MeulenMyra van der Meulen works as a Junior researcher/consultant at Deltares. She has a MSc in Limnology & Oceanography and a MSc in Environment and Resource Management. She became experienced during her study in Environment and Resource Management in working in multi-disciplinary and international groups. Myra is currently involved in a range of national and international projects, including a national project on the contribution rivers to litter in the marine environment, eco-engineering, and marine spatial planning.. Myra’s experience covers expertise in the field of marine ecosystem functioning, assessment of natural and anthropogenic impacts on ecosystems, sustainable management of coastal areas, marine spatial planning and EU environmental frameworks like the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

Frank Kleissen, chemical engineer. Involved in Activity 1.

Frank KleissenWith a degree in chemical engineering and PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis, Dr Kleissen’s main area of expertise is the use of mathematical models from a data perspective, including timeseries analysis, model calibration, validation and application. He has also gained experience in Environmental Assessments, related to aquatic issues, hydrodynamic and water quality modelling (various dimensions) of marine, estuarine and freshwater systems (including groundwater). He has specialised in the effects of intake/outfalls (power stations, desalination, sewage treatment) and effects of oil pollution, risks of spills, risk assessment.

Ghada El Serafy, civil/hydraulic engineer. Involved in Activity 1.

Ghada El SerafyGhada El Serafy studied civil and hydraulic engineering at the TU Delft after her studies in Egypt. Her PhD dealt with data assimilation in particle models for groundwater contamination. Since december 2001, she works as a specialist on data assimilation in strategic research and developments within the hydrodynamic operational forecasting systems department of Deltares. She develops, researches, and applies data assimilation techniques within Deltares software systems and is involved in their applications in national and international projects.

Jan van Dalfsen, marine ecologist. Involved in Activity 3.

Jan van DalfsenJan van Dalfsen is a marine ecologist specialized in benthic studies (research and consultancy) with a broad experience in field studies as well as in desk studies related to assessing and monitoring the impacts of anthropogenic activities in the marine environment. He has over 20 years of professional experience as project leader, consultant and scientist participating in national and international projects concerning effects of human activities in marine and tidal ecosystems. For Deltares he is currently working as Senior consultant and Business Developer Marine studies. Current projects include quality assessment of marine areas, nature values of beach and foreshore environments, marine spatial planning, including the development of offshore wind energy and marine habitat mapping, eco-engineering projects, EIA and monitoring studies and studies related to dredging and port construction.

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