Integrated Pest Management in horticulture: research for practice

The European Union has adopted a directive that all EU countries will convert to the use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in agricultural production by 2014. That basically means that the use of chemicals should be reduced / adjusted as necessary and that growers should use alternative methods. In this symposium we look how recent research can help horticulture to reach this goal.

BNLSHSThis symposium is organized by the Benelux Society for Horticultural Science (BNL-SHS)


Registration – coffee (9:00)

10:00 Welcome and introduction to the theme of the symposium
10:15 Karel Bolckmans - Koppert and representative of IBMA - NL
“Promising directions in Integrated Pest & Disease Management that require further research”
10:45 Rob Moerkens - Proefcentrum Hoogstraten – B
“Challenges in IPM for greenhouse crops: the importance of economic thresholds of both pest and beneficial”
11:15 Anneleen Volckaert - Proefcentrum Kruishoutem - B
"Integrated pest management in leek and cabbage, a practical view"
11:35 Gil Luypaert – Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) - B
“Towards integrated pest management in azalea to control broad mite”
11:55 Hilde Wustenberghs - Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) – B
“The indicator set DISCUSS: a tool to help farmers achieve more sustainable crop protection”

Lunch (12:15)
Short visit to the new greenhouse research facilities at ILVO

13:45 Bart Heijne - Wageningen UR - NL
“Innovative IPM in pome fruit and strategies for implementation in practice”
14:15 Daniel Molitor - Centre de Recherche Public Gabriel Lippmann - Lux
"Crop cultural measures to control bunch rot in integrated viticulture"
14:35 Tim Beliën - pcfruit vzw- B
“Integrated pest management in pip fruit orchards and the challenge to control stink bugs (Pentatomidae)”

Coffee break (14:55)

15:30 Joeke Postma - Wageningen UR - NL
“Suppression of soil-borne plant pathogens in horticultural systems through microbial interactions”
16:00 Jane Debode - Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) - B
“The effect of biochar and compost on plant pathogens and the microbial community in soil”
16:20 Closing remarks

Reception (16:30)


Registration fee: €30 (€20 for members BNL-SHS). This includes participation in the scientific programme, lunch and coffee-breaks.

Registration is no longer possible.

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Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO)
Plant Sciences Unit
Caritasstraat 21
9090 Melle
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Organizing committee

Johan Van Huylenbroeck, Monique Bodson, Rob Bogers, Jozef Van Assche, Olaf van Kooten, Hector Willocx