Invitation public defence of the doctoral dissertation of Farzaneh Razavi

Drought stress and its effects on crop productivity in horticultural systems are receiving increasing interest. Strawberry cultivation relies on irrigation and is sensitive to even a short period of water deficit. The main objectives of this study were to identify and characterize the plant defense mechanisms to drought stress in Fragaria and to classify available genotypes based on their drought tolerance capacity.

The public defence will take place on 3 December 2012 at 4pm in the Academieraadzaal (Hall of the Academic Board), room A 0.030 Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Coupure links 653, 9000 Ghent.

There will be a contiguous reception to which you are heartily invited. Please confirm your attendance before 27 November 2012 to: or

Abstract and Curriculum Vitae (pdf)