Welfare Plus Workshop EuroDairy

To improve animal welfare assessment criteria should not only meet consumers’/society demands, but also be feasible at farm level and the outcome should provide dairy farmers possibilities to improve animal welfare. In recent years, a number of industry-led practical on-farm dairy cattle welfare assessment programmes have been rolled out across individual European countries and others are working towards achieving this.
Recent research in the UK has resulted in the development of a positive welfare framework representing a standard of welfare substantially higher than the legal minimum for dairy cattle. The positive welfare framework is based on published evidence and expert opinion creating three tiers of resource provision (Welfare +, Welfare ++, Welfare +++) which are above those stipulated in UK legislation and Government codes of practice.
This workshop aims to bring together farmers from across Europe who are interested in dairy cattle welfare to foster co-ordination and exchanging information and experiences. The workshop will provide an opportunity for farmers and experts across Europe to share their thoughts on the positive welfare framework.
The workshop will feature short presentations and interactive breakout discussion groups.

Welfare Plus Workshop

Venue: Arden Hotel, NEC, Birmingham, B92 0EH, England, UK

Draft agenda

Facilitator: Dr Jess Stokes, University of Bristol

Monday 5th

7:30pm Dinner

After dinner speaker Dr Jenny Gibbons (AHDB) “What is the consumer value of animal welfare in the UK?”

Tuesday 6th


08:30 Good life opportunities - Dr Jess Stokes
08:50 Good life vision discussion
10:05 Refreshment break
10:30 Marten Knoll – Dairy farmer
11:00 Rachel Horler – Dairy farmer
11:30 David Finlay – Dairy farmer
12:00 Panel discussion
12:30 Lunch & networking
13:30 A New Zealand perspective - Helen Thoday, DairyNZ
14:00 Introducing the Positive Welfare Framework – Dr Jess Stokes
14:10 Positive welfare framework discussion
15:30 Summary & roundup
16:00 Close