Potato Europe 2015: kick-off meeting

The organizing committee of PotatoEurope 2015 has the pleasure to invite you at the Kick-off meeting of PotatoEurope 2015 on Tuesday 1 September at 18:30 in the ‘Salon de la Reine’ of the Town hall of Tournai – Rue Saint-Martin 52 – 7500 Tournai (Belgium).
18:30 – 18:45: Welcome
18:45 – 19:00:
Opening speech by Mr. Philippe Robert, alderman of the city of Tournai
19:00 – 19:30:

«Integrated Crop Protection : a hot potato ?» by Ms. Goedele Digneffe,
chairman of Phytofar

Integrated Crop Protection or “Integrated Pest Management- IPM” is part of Integrated Crop Management. IPM has become an EU wide legal obligation under Directive 128/2009 for the sustainable use of plant protection products. What does it mean on the potato farm? How does it affect our daily farm management? What are the issues and solutions for protecting our crop and harvest ? Will there be enough solutions left in our toolbox? Some answers in a nutshell.

19:30 – 20:00: «Biotechnology - a tool towards a more sustainable potato production?» by Mr. Bart Van Droogenbroeck, PhD, scientific expert ILVO

Biotechnology, as many other technologies, has evolved very fast during the last decades. The acreage of GM crops has steadily increased over the last 19 years. The number of GM crops is growing, as well as the traits introduced. What are the developments in the potato crop? Are there traits that are relevant for the growers and/or processors present in our region? In this presentation an overview will be given of the most recent biotech R&D developments in potato.

20:00 – 21:00 : Cocktail dinner

The meeting will be held in English. Une traduction simultanée en Français sera disponible.
Nederlandstalige simultaanvertaling wordt voorzien.

Registration for the meeting is mandatory. Please confirm your attendance towards Ms. L. Leemans ( before August 27. For more information on PotatoEurope please consult the website

Kick-off meeting