Doctoraatsverdediging Sofija Vulgarakis Minov

Titel: Integration of imaging techniques for the quantitative characterization of pesticide sprays

De verdediging gaat door op 6 juli 2015 om 14u in Dijon:

Amphi Pisani, AgroSup, Dijon

26 Boulevard Dr Petitjean, 21079 Dijon, France

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In recent years, advances in plant protection have contributed considerably to increasing crop yields in a sustainable way. Easy to apply and rather inexpensive, pesticides have proven to be very efficient. However, when pesticides are applied to crops some of the spray may not reach the target, but move outside the intended spray area. This can cause serious economic and environmental problems.

Most of the pesticides are applied using agricultural sprayers. These sprayers use hydraulic nozzles which break the liquid into droplets with a wide range of droplet sizes and velocities and determine the spray pattern. Small droplets are prone to wind drift, while large droplets can runoff from the target surface and deposit on the soil. One of the main challenges is to reduce spray losses and maximize spray deposition and efficacy by improving the spray characteristics and the spray application process. Because mechanisms of droplets leaving a hydraulic spray nozzle are very complex and difficult to quantify or model, there is a need for accurate quantification techniques.

The recent improvements in digital image processing, sensitivity of imaging systems and cost reduction have increased the interest in high-speed (HS) imaging techniques for agricultural applications in general and for pesticide applications in specific.

This thesis focused on the development and application of high speed imaging techniques to measure micro (droplet size and velocity) and macro (spray angle and shape, liquid sheet length) spray characteristics. The general aim was to show that the spray characteristics from agricultural spray nozzles can be measured correctly with the developed imaging techniques in a non-intrusive way.


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