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Newsletter December 2017

The pursuit of rays. Towards improved mangement of ray stocks in the North Sea and English Channel

Within the Interreg 2 Seas project « Sumaris », ILVO will collect biological, economic and data on the most important ray species in the North Sea and the English Channel. Under the current mangement of rays and skates, no distinction is made between the different species (vulnerable vs. less vulnerable). The analysis of all collected data would help in development of a joint-strategy management system. The ultimate goal is more efficient mangement and correct implementation of the Landing Obbligation.

Newsletter December 2017

Fish versus Fleet: balance or imbalance?

The Belgian Fleet Report gives an overview of the fleet capacity, catches, activity and status of the stock.
What is the balance between the capacity of the Belgian fleet and the available fish?
To find the answer on this question, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, in partnership with ILVO, compiles the Fleet Report for Belgian fisheries.
If an imbalance occurs, e.g., when a certain stock is under pressure or fleet capacity is too high, Belgium needs to develop an Action Plan with measures to bring it back into balance.

Newsletter December 2017

Iron deficiency in rhododendrons? Development of rhododendrons for non-acidic soils

Why do rhododendrons like acidic soil? How can you test plants regarding their tolerance for a higher pH? As a partner of the RHODOLIME project, ILVO paves the way for a more efficient, faster breeding of rhododendron. The market for rhododendrons can expand considerably if cultivars can be developed that can also grow in less acidic soils.

Newsletter December 2017

Farmer-to-farmer learning: On-farm learning practices in Europe

Are demonstration activities on farms effective catalysts for innovation and sustainable development in agriculture? How can we promote farmer-to-farmer learning across Europe? In the context of the European project AgriDemo-F2F, ILVO investigates ‘best practices’ for demonstration activities.

Newsletter December 2017

From new technology to personalized, balanced foods

Knowledge transfer and implementation of technologies in the food industry with the goal of producing balanced food (FOODINNOTECH)
The aim of FoodInnoTech is to help companies to improve the production of personalized and balanced food adapted to target groups while keeping the production energy efficient and profitable. Personalized food products must meet special requirements for nutritional value, flavor and texture – and producing these foods in an energy-efficient as well as profitable way requires new technologies. The role of ILVO in FoodInnoTech is to bring this knowledge to food producers and help them to implement innovative technologies.

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