Symposium: 'Biostimulants and their use in horticulture'

Biostimulants include diverse formulations of compounds, substances and micro-organisms that are applied to plants or soils to improve crop vigour, yields, quality and tolerance of abiotic stresses. Recently we see an increased interest in the application of plant biostimulants as they open new possibilities for a durable and resilient crop production. In this symposium research results of the use of biostimulants in horticulture are presented.
BNL - SHSThis symposium is organized by the Benelux Society for Horticultural Science (BNL-SHS)


Registration – coffee (8:45)

9:30 Welcome and introduction to the theme of the symposium
9:45 To be announced 
“Plant biostimulants: about the concept and why it is useful ”
10:15 Monica Höfte – Universiteit Gent
“Plant responses to biostimulants”
10:45 Haïssam. Jijakli - Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, ULg
“The use of yeast’s to increase pome fruit conservation”
11:15 Coffee break
11:35 Hilde Schoofs and Tom Deckers - PC Fruit
“The application of biostimulants in the control strategy of fire blight on apple and pear”
12:05 Jane Debode - Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO)
“Biostimulation of lettuce and strawberry by adding chitin or biochar to the growing medium”
12:35 Maaike Perneel– Universiteit Gent
A new Ghent University consortium for the valorization of biostimulants and biocontrol agents
12:55 Introduction to Floralies
13:15 Lunch

14:15 Free visit to the Floralies 2016. Discover a new, vibrant city festival in Ghent’s Arts Quarter.
Be surprised by an enchanting world, teeming with flowers and plants, fascinating inspirational gardens
and breathtaking art installations.



Registration fee: €55 (€40 for members BNL-SHS). This includes participation in the scientific program, lunch, coffee-breaks and a free entrance-ticket to the Floralies 2016. For more information on Floralies see

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The symposium will take place in the International Convention Centre Gent ICC located in Citadel Park. The venue can be easily reached by train. The Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station is within 10-minute walk from Gent ICC.

There is public underground parking beneath Sint-Pietersplein and at Sint-Pietersstation. Both parkings are within a 10-minute walk from Gent ICC. We recommend this modern public parking to come over to events to the Ghent ICC (see map). A more detailed road description can be found here.

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Organizing committee

Marie-Christine Van Labeke, Johan Van Huylenbroeck, Monique Bodson, Jozef Van Assche, Olaf van Kooten, Hector Willocx, Leon Wietor