Marine Related Analyses

Routine Analyses

Less-common fish and seafood

The authenticity of common fish and seafood products can unequivocally be determined using our universal DNA sequencing method. The samples can be fresh or frozen. Species identification analyses are done on a routine basis.

Fish Shellfish & crustaceans

Salmonid species (Atlantic salmon, Pacific salmon species) Shrimp species (Brown shrimp,…)
Flatfish species (Plaice, Sole,…) Prawn species (Tiger prawn, …)
Gadoid species (Atlantic/Pacific cod,…) Lobster species (Langoustine,…)
Percid species (Seabass,…) Shellfish (Scallops, Oysters,…)
Clupeid species (Herring, Anchovy,…) Squid species (Sepia,…)

ILVO conducts routine analyses for 53 fish species, 10 shellfish species en 3 crustacean species, either caught locally (North Atlantic region) or imported. This list is rapidly expanding.

Custom Analyses

Less-common fish and seafood

In case of uncommon (imported) fish or seafood species, the genetic markers needed for identification are often lacking. ILVO has the knowledge, experience and infrastructure to develop specific markers for less-common species.

Mixed samples

Fish soup, seafood pizza, fish sauce? Routine authenticity testing is impossible for heavily processed samples containing multiple species at varying proportions. ILVO is your partner for developing genetic methods to test complex fish and seafood mixtures.