ILVO's Mission

ILVO is an independent scientific research institution and service provider of the Government of Flanders. ILVO works collaboratively to promote sustainable agriculture, fisheries and agro-food production in Flanders, Belgium, Europe and the world.

ILVO's Vision

Working in a proactive, objective and ethical way, ILVO researches new and existing trajectories of optimisation and increased sustainability for the actors in agriculture, fisheries and the agro-food chain as well as for the broader rural environment.
In doing so, ILVO engages in dialogue with policymakers, its stakeholders, and society on a regular basis; this commitment is part of ILVO’s intention to fulfil an exemplary role.


2012 marks the 80th birthday of governmentally-supported agricultural research in Flanders. Since the foundation of the Research Station for Plant Breeding in 1932, the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO) – albeit in various forms and names – has been actively supporting farmers and fishers by providing them with knowledge that is both innovative and practical.

Those 80 years contain a complex history of metamorphoses, fusions and reorganisations. First came the independent federal Research Stations, which were restructured in 1998 into the Centre for Agricultural Research (CLO-Gent) which had 7 departments. In 1996, the Centre for Agricultural Economy (CLE) was started with 2 departments. In 2002, the responsibility for agriculture was transferred from the federal goverment to the regional government of Flanders. Four years later, in 2006, ILVO was born from a fusion of CLO-Gent with the CLE. ILVO has four research units. ILVO is an “internal independent agency”, which means that ILVO is part of the Government of Flanders' Agricultural and Fisheries Policy Area but also has an Own Capital fund. ILVO is an independent, Flemish Scientific Institution.