ILVO as a Research Partner

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) is special for many reasons. It is a knowledge institution of the Flemish government belonging to the Agriculture and Fisheries policy area. ILVO research is built on 80 years of scientific work. ILVO is internationally respected for its excellent multidisciplinary innovative and applied research. ILVO aims to support sustainable, profitable and future-oriented agriculture and fisheries. ILVO’s findings, services and collaborations benefit the entire Flemish agri-food sector.
The strategic vision document 'Towards 2020 and beyond' highlights ILVO’s benchmarks and ambitions.

ILVO stands out as a loyal research partner with a strong belief in multidisciplinary research, partnering with academic as well as industrial partners. Because knowledge sharing is an important aspect of our knowledge-based economy, ILVO wishes to contribute to 'open innovation' by creating a forum in which universities, research centers, companies, farms and governments can exchange innovative ideas. Naturally, this should be done in a healthy balance with the intellectual property (IP) regulations - for this reason important steps have been taken in recent years to further professionalize our role as a research partner. Read on for a detailed overview of the research themes central to ILVO.