ANIMALAB - Animal Marine Laboratory


Quality control is an important element in the constant pursuit of integrated and sustainable quality assurance in animal and human nutrition. This covers several aspects:

  • monitoring of the biological and chemical quality of the marine environment and habitat
  • determination of contaminants within the framework of fisheries-related environmental management
  • composition and product quality of fish and cattle feeds
  • Composition of animal end products, such as eggs, milk, meat and fisheries and aquaculture products

In this context, accurate and reliable analyses are extremely important for bodies in charge of policy as well as for the fish and cattle feed industry, private aquaculturists and animal farmers. For this reason, the ILVO Animal Sciences Unit has grouped all its testing laboratories into the ANIMALAB, short for the Animal Marine Laboratory.

Each of these laboratories works according to the criteria of the NBN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. This standard and, more generally, the Belgian accreditation system ‘BELAC’ gives laboratories, certification institutions as well as inspection bodies the possibility to demonstrate their expertise and to gain credibility at the national and international levels. The scope of accredited analyses can be consulted on the BELAC website under certificate number T-315.


The ANIMALAB comprises 16 laboratoria.

The ANIMALAB guidelines:

Application of analyses

Bids for the implementation of one or more analyses can be applied for with the contact person of the laboratory. For grouped applications for analyses reductions can be granted on the basis of the requested number and type of analyses.


At the client’s request the ANIMALAB can take one or more samples related to an application for analysis.

Transportation of samples

At the client’s request the ANIMALAB can transport one or more samples related to an application for analysis.

Delivery and reception of samples

All samples are preferably presented to the ANIMALAB during office hours: Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m. and between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Scheldeweg 68 9090 Melle
Ankerstraat 1 8400 Oostende

Samples presented outside regular office hours, can only be received after the person in charge of the follow-up of the contract concerned has been notified in advance and after having received his or her written consent. Without prior notification the reception of samples outside office hours cannot be guaranteed.

Storage of samples

All samples received by the ANIMALAB are stored at the proper temperature in especially equipped ANIMALAB facilities from the moment they are received up to their analysis, irrespective of their nature or origin.

Analysis of samples

All analyses are carried out by specialised staff in keeping with the listed methods for each laboratory which also include various quality controls.

Evaluation of analysis results

All analysis results are evaluated by the person in charge of the laboratory, using set quality criteria.

Treatment of samples

After the approval of the analysis results the samples are handled as stated in the contract. If samples are to be stored, this is done at the proper temperature in especially equipped ANIMALAB facilities.

Reporting of analysis results

When one or more analysis results are evaluated and approved, these results are officially reported in an examination report which is sent by post before expiry of the deadline that has been agreed with the client.

At the client’s request an unofficial/interim report can be sent and the analysis results can in addition be reported digitally.

Invoicing of services

When all analysis results were reported to the client by means of an examination report, an invoice will be sent to this client by post.


Because the ANIMALAB aims to constantly improve its service, any customer complaints are processed and presented to the person in charge of the ANIMALAB.


Johan Aerts