Mandated Reference Work

Scientific Guidance for the Milk Control Centre (MCC) of Flanders

Since 1994, ILVO has been authorised to provide the scientific guidance of the Milk Control Centre (MCC)-Flanders.

Determination of fat content with reference method (Röse-Gottlieb)

Research for the Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) of Agricultural Crops and Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS)

The variety testing team at ILVO performs the annual VCU and DUS trials for several crops. In addition, they constantly aim to optimise the evaluation standards for variety permission. Each year, the Descriptive and Recommended Variety List is published. Farmers can use this list to find valuable information about the varieties that are admitted on the Belgian Variety List.

VCU and DUS research

Aerial Emissions and Sustainable Production Techniques in Agriculture

The Agricultural Engineering research area performs reference tasks for the Environment, Nature and Energy Policy Area of the Government of Flanders. These reference tasks concern aerial emissions and sustainable production techniques in agriculture. The focus lies on animal housing emissions, low emission systems, permit regulations and environmental impact reporting.

Guidance for Fisheries Management

ILVO provides scientific advices about the situation and the management of the Belgian and the European fisheries. We also support research on fisheries biology, methods of evaluating the fish stocks, the dynamics of the marine ecosystems and the possible effects of fisheries management and fisheries in se.

Guidance for fisheries management - © Karl Van Ginderdeuren