Ornamental Plants

The new cultivars resulting from the ILVO's breeding programmes of azalea and woody ornamentals are commercialised by two cooperative grower associations: Azanova for azalea and BEST-select for woody ornamental plants.

  • AZALEA - AZANOVA: Azanova commercialises the azalea cultivars bred by ILVO
  • WOODY ORNAMENTAL PLANTS - BEST SELECT: BEST-select commercialises the woody ornamental plants bred by ILVO

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Agricultural and Horticultural Crops

The breeding research at ILVO results not only in scientific knowledge but it also results in new cultivars of grasses, clovers, green catch crops, cruciferous forage crops, fodder beet, chicory and vegetables. More than 100 ILVO cultivars are protected by breeder’s rights or are registered in one or more variety lists. High quality basic seed of these ILVO cultivars is offered to agents in Belgium and abroad for the production and sale of certified seed.

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ILVO’s Ostend site has a direct pipeline to the sea to pump fresh seawater. The pumped water is filtered through a mechanical filter and kept in constant movement in a reservoir with a capacity of 40,000 l.

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Marine Organisms

ILVO samples of invertebrates (sea stars, crabs, jellyfish, and shrimp) as well as fish (including sole, plaice, whiting). In the wake of this work, marine organisms can be taken back to land either alive or preserved. The timing and the quantity of animals delivered depends on how the work is organised and the weather conditions.

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