ILVO’s Ostend site has a direct pipeline to the sea to pump fresh seawater. The pumped water is filtered through a mechanical filter and kept in constant movement in a reservoir with a capacity of 40,000 l.

Reservoir with a capacity of 40m3 seawater


The seawater pipeline makes it possible to set up cultivation experiments with a continuous flow of water (for example, as needed for incubation and hatching). Pumping high-quality seawater is required to perform in vitro tests, such as: culture experiments (including aquaculture, PhD studies, industry, etc.), exposure tests (for chemical monitoring, biological monitoring, PhD studies, industry, etc.), a trawl-tank (for testing fishing gear) and habitat tanks for experimental animals (applicable to all research areas).


Seawater is available for sale to universities, scientific institutions, zoos, public aquaria, lobster owners and people with seawater aquaria from a few litres up to 30,000 l. The seawater can be collected from ILVO-Fisheries every Tuesday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. or on Fridays (only after making an appointment by phone). Customers must provide their own recipients to transport the seawater as well as a pump when ordering large volumes.


Daan Delbare