Ornamental Plants

The new cultivars resulting from the ILVO's breeding programmes of azalea and woody ornamentals are commercialised by two cooperative grower associations: Azanova for azalea and BEST-select for woody ornamental plants.

Azalea - AZANOVA

21 progressive azalea growers joined forces in 2008 to co-invest in renewing the azalea assortment. Great attention is paid to quality and added value for the consumer. To achieve this objective, Azanova collaborates with the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), which has a long tradition in breeding azaleas. In 2008 Azanova had won the "Innovation Campaign” of “Innovatiesteunpunt” for agriculture and horticulture. Azanova won this award because of the unique collaboration between private companies and a public research institution.

Aiko azanova

Woody Ornamentals - BEST SELECT

BEST-select is a collaboration of 20 Flemish nurseries. The mission of BEST-select is to develop and introduce high quality novelties in the assortment of ornamental plant culture. We focus on the development of resistant, durable cultivars that appeal to the consumer because of their attractiveness. For that purpose BEST-select is participating in different scientific research projects of woody stock cultivation at ILVO.
Today BEST-select has already 17 cultivars on the market. They are all easily recognisable by their uniform label. One by one these novelties represent excellent and valuable garden plants. In the future this collaboration between ILVO and BEST-select will stand for only high quality plants that are introduced onto the market.

Woody ornamentals - BEST SELECT