Plant, Soil and Substrates


ILVO’s laboratory for plant, soil and substrates (Crop Husbandry and Environment research area) is a BELAC-accreditated laboratory for plant analysis (matrix forage and energy crops for the parameters: dry matter, crude ash, N and crude protein, crude fiber and the cell wall components NDF, ADF and ADL) and soil analysis (parameters: organic carbon, pH-KCl en nitrate- and ammonia nitrogen). The laboratory is also recognised by the Government of Flanders for soil analysis in accordance with the fertilisation decree.

Table of analysis of plant, soil and substrates (PDF)

Discounts may be granted where large numbers of samples are ordered at one time: 10% (5 to 15 samples), 15% (16 to 30 samples) and 20% (more than 30 samples).


The time needed for the analysis is agreed upon delivery of the samples.

Samples Laboratory for plant, soil and substrates


For a routine analysis on substrates, target values can be provided at the client’s request.


Reports for soil analysis in accordance with the Flemish fertilisation decree meet the legal requirements. The other reports fulfill to the conditions specified in ISO 17025. Specific requirements may be requested by the customer at delivery of the samples.


The customer must perform the sampling except in sampling done in the context of soil analysis for the Flemish fertilisation decree. In this case the laboratory performs the sampling.

For a chemical routine analysis on potting soil, a sample quantity of 0.5 liter is sufficient. For a physical analysis on potting soil, 10 litres of sample is required. Use a sealed plastic bag for delivery of the sample.

When sampling mineral soil, take at least 15 probes (clean stainless steel probe) of the 20-30 cm upper layer of the soil, mix thoroughly, and bring about 0.5 kg in a sealed plastic bag to the laboratory.

For plant samples, at least 50 g of dried and ground (1 mm sieve) material is requested.


Chris Van Waes