Food Analyses - Practical


The duration of the analyses is determined in consultation with the customer.


Requesting analyses

Analyses are done on a first-come, first-served basis. If analyses are requested ahead of time, they get priority. The request for analysis can be made with the supervisor of the lab in question.

Analyses requested in advance are given priority. The request will be sent to the respective laboratory managers. For a quick start and flow of the analysis procedure we ask customers to add the following sample information:

  • The matrix, the sample identification and the parameter(s) to be analysed
  • Contact person with address to whom the test report should be sent afterwards
  • The billing address if it is different from the address for reporting
  • Language of the test report
  • The telephone number and e-mail address of the contact person

You can always use our analytical application form.

Sampling and practical matters

  • Representative sampling is not the responsibility of the laboratory, but rather the customer or sampler.
  • Adequate packaging of the delivered sample and the sample transport is also the responsibility of the customer. The packaging should be firmly and properly. If the sample is not firmly packaged, the sample may either become contaminated or can contaminate other samples.
  • The period between sampling, shipping and receipt should be minimal. The samples
    must be kept under appropriate conditions and sent so that the integrity of the sample is
    preserved. This period and storage conditions are also the responsibility of the customer.
  • The sample size should be sufficient and agreed with the relevant laboratory manager.

Delivery and acceptance of samples

Delivery of the samples take place preferably between 8h and 12h15 or between 13h and 17h. The customer contacts the receptionist at ILVO-T&V, Brusselsesteenweg 370 9090 Melle, and delivers the samples. Note the name of the laboratory manager for which the samples are intended. The samples intended for GMO analysis and food allergens are delivered to the following address: ILVO-T&V, Burg. Van Gansberghelaan 115, 9820 Merelbeke.
For samples that can only be delivered outside the normal opening hours, please contact the laboratory manager.

Reporting of analysis results

Reporting is done by e-mail. Upon request of the customer, results can be reported differently. If requested, the report can be drafted in another language (French or English).

Costs of analysis and invoicing of services

The costs of the analyses or research can be obtained upon request of the respective laboratory managers. These costs are in line with the determination of the rates for the services performed by ILVO. For analysis packages discounts can be applied.
The invoice is also sent by e-mail.


Complaints regarding the service, analysis results, etc. can be reported by phone, mail, fax or post to the laboratory managers. All customer complaints will be handled appropriately with and reported to the head of ILVO-T&V.