Lab Analyses

Food-Related Analyses

Industry, producers and the government are required to use expert labs to perform objective observations to prove the quality of their products to the buyer.
The expertise and services of ILVO’s labs are available to members of the entire food production chain, from primary production to the food processing industry.

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Plant, Soil and Substrate

ILVO has several labs equipped for the biochemical, genetic and molecular characterisation of plants and their attackers, soil and substrate.

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Animal-Related Analyses

Problems such as expanding the offering of products, improving the quality of existing products, and including new techniques and methods in production are challenges that businesses are facing with increasing frequency. For this reason, it is essential to be able to perform comparative tests on a limited scale with accuracy, traceability and precision.
ILVO’s Animal Sciences Unit offers services based on research results and the expertise of its staff to the entire food and feed production chain, from primary production to the feed processing industry.

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Marine-Related Analyses

The authenticity of common fish and seafood products can unequivocally be determined using our universal DNA sequencing method. The samples can be fresh or frozen. Species identification analyses are done on a routine basis.

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