Inspection and Certification

Milking Technology

A good milking machine installation, as well as the operation and maintenance thereof, are essential to warrant good udder health of the cows and to ensure milk of impeccable quality. The maintenance of the milking installations and cooling tanks is performed by specially trained staff, i.e. milking machine and cooling tank technicians.

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Spray Application Technology

ILVO's Spray Tech group is responsible for the mandatory and periodic inspection of sprayers in Flanders (BELAC accreditation 197 – INSP – ISO 17 020). Every three years, about 11 900 field sprayers, 1600 orchard sprayers and 700 greenhouse sprayers are tested by three mobile inspection teams. During these tests, all parts influencing the distribution of the crop protection products are checked, e.g. the pressure gauge, nozzles, pressure distribution, spray boom stability, etc.

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Testing Agricultural Machinery

The Agricultural Engineering group evaluates the performance of a diverse range of agricultural machinery. Specific tests can be performed upon the customers’ request. Standard tests are available for fertiliser spreaders and potato harvesters.

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Kits for Determination of Antibiotics in Foodstuffs

ILVO can validate commercial screening tests for determination of antibiotic residues in milk, honey, meat, etc. in accordance with decision 2002/657/EC of the European Commission and the “CRL” guidelines for screening methods for residues of veterinary medicines.

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