Quality Assurance of Maintenance Milking Equipment (CONTROL)

In addition to a good milking machine installation, proper operation and maintenance is essential to warrant good udder health of the cows and to ensure impeccable quality of the milk produced. The maintenance of the milking installations and cooling tanks is performed by specially trained staff, i.e. milking machine and cooling tank technicians.


CONTROLCONTROL coordinates the activities concerning the technical inspection of the milking equipment (milking machine installation and cooling tank) and organizes the training and guidance of the milking specialists, milking machine and cooling tank technicians in Belgium. Each year, all measurement and advice reports of milking machine installations and milk cooling tanks are inventoried and all technicians are evaluated by means of an evaluation report. The annual seminars have led to valuable interactions and numerous contacts with the maintenance technicians. In addition to inspecting the milking machine installations and monitoring the technicians, the technician’s questions and problems regarding the maintenance of milking machine installations and cooling tanks are also resolved in this way.


Sarah De Laeter, Stephanie Van Weyenberg