Agriculture and horticulture rank a sad fourth in the accident statistics. This is especially tragic because most of the accidents could have been avoided. Occupational diseases are also not uncommon in agricultural and horticultural farms. Some of these cases may also be prevented. For these reasons, PreventAgri was established in 2001.

Its aim was to raise awareness among agricultural and horticultural farmers to take preventive measures in order to prevent industrial accidents and occupational diseases. PreventAgri performs safety audits at agricultural and horticultural farms and gives training, among others. Furthermore, it acts as a centre of expertise in safety and health in the green sector by disseminating information through various channels (like the website to all the parties concerned.

Since 2016 PreventAgri is externalised:


  • Safety audits/risk analyses in companies from the green sector
  • Giving training
  • Providing information (brochures, newsletter, at trade fairs, etc.)


Bart Sonck