Plant and Soil

Technical services are derived from outcomes of plant related research and are applied in various sectors. Interested partners can consult ILVO researchers. The researchers can provide infrastructure and knowledge of research methodology ranging from screening methods of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, field trials, molecular breeding methods and more.

Field Trials

ILVO offers the possibility to perform custom-fit field and greenhouse experiments.

Field trials

Contact person

Kristiaan Van Laecke


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Screening for Disease Resistance

BIOASSAYS USING PLANTS Testing for resistance against pests or diseases or testing the efficacy of traditional or alternative plant protection products.

Screening for disease resistance

Contact person

Kurt Heungens


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Image Analysis of Shape and Colour

Using image analysis, ILVO can make a fast and objective determination of shape and colour of seeds, roots, leaves, flowers and whole plants.

Determination of flower colour of azalea and the morphology of roots of Chicorium intybus L.

Contact person

Peter Lootens


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Monitoring of Photosynthesis and Plant Growth

Photosynthesis and growth at leaf and plant level can be measured in growth chambers, or in glasshouses.

Monitoring of photosynthesis azalea

Contact person

Peter Lootens


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Genetic Analysis

Genetische karakterisering van planten en plantenrassen m.b.v. ploidie-analyses en moleculaire merkers.

Genetic analysis

Contact person

Kristiaan Van Laecke


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Making Crossing Schemes

Support in the development of crossing schemes of new breeding programmes.

Contact person

Johan Van Huylenbroeck

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Pre and Post Trials of Seeds and Plant Material

Pre and post trials of seeds and plant material

Contact person

Joke Pannecoucque


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