Genetic Analysis


At ILVO, ploidy determination is performed by flow cytometry. ILVO provide flow cytometric analysis to other scientific institutions and companies. The Plant unit has two Partec flow cytometers equipped with different light and fluorescence detectors. The devices can be used for the analysis of ploïdy level, but also for more precise genome size measurements, eg for the detection and characterization of interspecific hybrids. Flow cytometric analyzes are applicable to almost all plants. ILVO has experience in the analysis of the most diverse species.

Furthermore ILVO-Plant has, due to assignments for the government, UPOV, ISF and Ciopora, the necessary expertise for the genetic identification of plants and varieties using molecular markers. These techniques can be used to determine the variety (true-to-type), purity and homogeneity. The analysis is possible at each sample of plant material. In each analysis the nature of the crop (self pollinator, cross pollinator) and the various concepts in breeding must be taken into account.


Kristiaan Van Laecke