Sustainability Review


The main tasks of this research group are to study all of the technical aspects of fisheries: sustainable fishing, problems with the beam trawl, economic feasibility, ecological valuation of fisheries techniques, alternatives for beam trawling, reducing bycatch, effects of climate change, etc. The researchers in this group have expertise in commercial fisheries and an extensive network of contacts which can be called upon when scoring fisheries products.


At the request of companies, organisations or NGOs, sustainability assessments can be drawn up of fisheries and landed fish species. These can be used for buyers/clients to highlight the sustainability (or not) of the type of fishing for each fish species. These sustainability assessments also serve as a reliable guideline to award additional quality marks or labels. They can be drawn up to meet the client’s requested profile and needs and take account of the fisheries management, the fish stock and the fishing method.


Arne Kinds