Excretion Tests for Poultry

Animal trials consistent with ethics code


Policy-makers, consumers and the entire poultry industry all recognise the need to keep flocks of poultry healthy and to guarantee the safety of poultry end-products. To control certain poultry diseases, the birds must be treated in order to guarantee both profitability and animal welfare – but at the same time, the question of residues in food may not be ignored in terms of food safety. Moulds (mycotoxin production) in feed matrices can have a negative effect on health of both humans and animals, being either in the feed itself or the result of carry-over from animal-related products. ILVO has built up years of expertise in the possible carry-over from residues to poultry meat and eggs.


ILVO’s Animal Science Unit has the know-how and the infrastructure to perform residue experiments with layers, broilers and turkeys. We also have the possibility to make experimental feed on-site.

ILVO’s Technology and Food Science Unit has years of experience in the development and validation of methods to detect residues of veterinary medicines in animal matrices using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. ILVO has received BELAC accreditation for detection of coccidiostats in eggs, meat and feed.


Evelyne Delezie, Els Daeseleire