Spray Tech Lab


ILVO’s Spray Tech Group has a team with established research experience in the optimisation of pesticide application technologies as derived from different research projects.


The BELAC accredited Spray Tech Lab (197 – T – ISO 17 025) specialises in the characterisation and evaluation of pesticide application techniques and spray nozzles. The accreditation covers tests for the determination of the individual nozzle flow rate, the spray liquid distribution of a single nozzle or a short spray boom (up to 3 m) and the spray liquid distribution of a set of nozzles or a real sprayer. Besides these accredited tests, the laboratory has the experimental facilities to develop and evaluate pesticide application techniques in laboratory as well as field conditions (e.g. spray and dust drift, crop deposition, operator exposure, droplet characteristics, etc.). The laboratory performs these (accredited) tests to support research projects and also to serve external customers such as manufacturers of spray equipment and accessories, scientific institutes, governmental bodies, plant protection companies, etc.


David Nuyttens
Website: www.ilvo.vlaanderen.be/spraytechlab