ICT / Automation


ILVO has specific expertise about algorithm development, data management and geographic ICT. Special focus is on speed of data-acquisition, reliability, efficiency and user-friendliness. Algorithms are developed and validated in order to automate processes, or to deliver enhanced information content to the farmer or companies. Websites and mobile applications (apps) can be set up to unlock research results in back-end databases.

For the development or the execution of feasibility studies or the prototype testing, a wide variety of (multispectral) cameras and related acquisition hardware can be used, e.g. a digital camera, thermal camera, digital high resolution cameras and basic digital and analog cameras. General programming languages (i.e. C++, C#, Visual Basic, Matlab), modern CAD software and specialised image processing software packages like Halcon and Labview are used. Combined with a suitable interface, solutions/applications for almost any challenge/problem can be designed.


Koen Mertens, Jürgen Vangeyte