Low Emission Animal Housing Systems (Flemish Land Agency)


ILVO's Environmental Technology research group studies the measurement and control of indoor air quality in agricultural buildings and aerial emissions of agricultural activities. Typical agricultural pollutants are ammonia, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, methane, CO2 and odours. The research activities focus on the development of measuring techniques and on the development and evaluation of sustainable production methods in agriculture.


ILVO provides policy support based on its expertise and ongoing research. The following topics can be addressed:

  • Technical and scientific support of the Scientific Team as described in the ministerial decree of March 19th 2004 concerning the list of low ammonia emission animal housing systems.
  • Technical and scientific support of the regulatory framework concerning low emission animal housing systems;
  • Proposals to keep he protocols and methods up to date for on-site audits and measurements.


Peter Demeyer, Eva Brusselman