Cost/Benefit Analysis for Aquaculture Activities


This research group is specialised in the biology of culture species, the structural and nutritional needs of the culture in question and the optimisation of the culture techniques, including infrastructure, improved feed conversion, feed composition, water purification, waste treatment and –reconversion in polyculture installations, etc. The data we collect serve as a point of departure for the cost/benefit analysis.


The Aquaculture research group has developed a computer program that makes it possible create a dimensioning of a fish breeding installation, together with a price analysis and business profitablitity analysis. This is based on market data (sales possibilities, type of sales, price-setting of the product sold and raw materials), characteristics of the culture biology of the target species (growth, mortality, FCR, optimal density, oxygen metabolism), system description (form of the fish tanks, recirculation system, etc.) and feed parameters. Aquaconstruct makes it simple to explore various scenarios by changing one or several parameters.

Kostprijsanalyse & bedrijfsrendabiliteit

Computer program for cost/benefit analysis


Daan Delbare


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