Study Consortium on Aerial Emissions in Animal Husbandry (VEMIS)


VEMIS is supported by the environmental technology group, which performs research on the measurement and control of indoor air quality in agricultural buildings and on aerial emissions of agricultural activities. Typical agricultural pollutants are ammonia, particulate matter, nitrous oxide, methane, CO2 and odour. The research activities focus on the development of measuring techniques and on the development and evaluation of sustainable agricultural techniques.


This service consists of the scientific expertise of the environmental technology group and its research partners. Technical support is provided through measurements in real life farms and on test scale facilities. Measurements can be performed on both the indoor climate and on emission level for different parameters (ammonia, particulate matter, odour, greenhouse gases, etc.). State-of-the-art mobile measuring equipment is available, as well as an olfactometric lab according to NBN EN 13725.


Peter Demeyer, Bart Sonck