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Study Consortium on Aerial Emissions in Animal Husbandry (VEMIS)

ILVO is a founding member of VEMIS together with the province of West Flanders, University of Ghent (EnVoc) and INAGRO. The VEMIS consortium aims to gain knowledge about aerial emissions in animal husbandry and disseminate that knowledge. VEMIS aims to stimulate innovative development and to become the focal point in Flanders for all parties concerned with aerial emissions in animal husbandry.

Consortium Knowledge Building Aerial Emissions Animal Husbandry (VEMIS)

Cost/Benefit Analysis for Aquaculture Activities

Using the AquaConstruct computer program, the Aquaculture research group can perform cost/benefit analyses for fish breeders. These analyses account for the culture biology of the target species, recirculation techniques, needed and existing infrastructure, etc.

Kostprijsanalyse en bedrijfsrendabiliteit

Technological Advice for Aquaculture Activities

The Aquaculture research group can provide scientific guidance in innovative as well as specialised and commercialised culture in mono and polyculture. In addition we can provide advice about good culture species, culture conditions, water purification, waste treatment, construction and professional aquaculture businesses.

Technology Pool for Ornamentals

The Technology Pool for Ornamentals is a knowledge-driven collaborative research platform. The 4 research partners (University College Ghent, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO), Research Centre for Floriculture vzw (PCS) and Ghent University) want to profile themselves as knowledge centres for ornamental horticulture. This technology pool is a research network that is fully at the service of the government and entrepreneurs. It is supported by the Province of East Flanders.

Technology Pool for Ornamentals

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Sustainability Review

Based on an internationally accepted methodology, a sustainability score can be calculated for every fish that is sold in stores.

Sustainability review