Fisheries and Aquatic Production

Modern fisheries management is based on accurate information about the fish stocks and their place in the ecosystem, thorough understanding of the efficiency and the effects of fisheries methods, and insight into the socio-economic aspects of the fisheries industry. ILVO provides the government with this information. A multidisciplinary team with an extensive network is supported by a technical team that does the field work on land as well as at sea. In addition to the marine fisheries research, ILVO also has a team researching how to build sustainable aquaculture systems. ILVO also provides services to support businesses, government agencies and other scientific institutions in their scientific research.

Animal trials consistent with ethics code

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Fisheries Biology

Age determination otolitsThe main focus of the Fisheries Biology research group is the management of the Belgian and European fisheries. We provide advice for this management based on research about the state of the fish stocks, the dynamics of the marine ecosystems and the effects of fisheries policy in terms of the fish stocks and the fisheries sector. The basis of this research is collected data on the size and composition of fish stocks and about the exploitation of the commercially important fish species. After processing these data we can give policy-supportive advice in relation to the European Communal Fisheries Policy. This research group strives for a strong and productive interaction between researchers and the fisheries industry with the goal of innovation and optimisation of the fisheries data and determination of the state of the fish stocks.

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Fishing Gear Technology research

Technical fisheries reserachThe Fishing Gear Technology research group focuses on various aspects of the fishing process, such as developing new fishing gear, improving the species and length selectiveness of existing fishing gear, alternative fishing techniques, reducing fuel use and minimising the environmental impact of fisheries activities. This research is highly service-oriented towards international scientific organisations and management entities, the government, the fisheries industry and the consumer.

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aquacultureThe goal of the Aquaculture research group is to research the possibilities for developing aquaculture on land and on sea and to implement new techniques for profitable production, improved product quality and traceability, and reduced environmental impact. Our research also takes the legislative context and animal welfare into account.

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