May 2019 - Brochure

Organic Food and Farming in Flanders 2017 - 2018

NOBL 2018With this publication we continue a biennial tradition. For the fifth time, we have gathered relevant information on research related to organic food and farming in Flanders. This overview shines a light on the research projects and results from 2017 and 2018.

December 2016 - Brochure

Services ILVO - Technology and Food Services - Food Pilot

Brochure Services Food PilotThis brochure summarizes the technological, advisory and analytical services of the Food Pilot. The Food Pilot is the application and analysis center at the Flanders research institute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO) and Flanders’ FOOD. The Food Pilot supports food companies who wish to improve their products and processes. We offer fully customized pilot trials, laboratory analyses and advice (see figure on the next page). By working with expert scientists on issues of food safety, quality, and innovations regarding food processing, the Food Pilot guarantees a scientific basis for all of its services. Often a company can make use of subsidies.

June 2015 - Brochure

Research and Services ILVO

Research Services

May 2015 - Book

Organic Food and Farming in Flanders

Organic Food and Farming in FlandersPublishing an overview of research for organic food and farming in Flanders is becoming a tradition. We now present our third edition, with a growing number of contributions. People have been working hard on research and knowledge exchange for the development of the organic sector in the past years!

April 2014 - report

Agricultural phosphorus legislation in Europe

Agricultural Phosphorus legislation in EuropeLimitation of liability: This publication has been prepared by the editors with the utmost care and accuracy. However, there is no guarantee about the accuracy or completeness of the information in this publication. The user of this publication renounces any complaint against the editors, of any kind, regarding the use of the information made available through this publication. Under no circumstances shall the editors be liable for any adverse consequences arising from the use of the information made available through this publication.

November 2013 - ILVO report

Jellyfish, jellypress and jellyperception

ILVO report number 142

September 2013 - Brochure

Service provision Animal Sciences Unit

service provision Animal SciencesFarms and food processing companies are confronted more and more often with problems such as an expanding number of products, quality improvement in existing products, incorporation of new techniques and methods, etc. For this reason, farms need to perform small-scale comparative trials that still have the required correctness, traceability and precision.
The services and research results of ILVO’s Animal Sciences Unit and all related expertise are available for the entire food chain, from primary production to food processing. These services include scientific services and advice, technological advice and the reference lab called ANIMALAB.

September 2013 - ILVO report

By-catch of rays in the trawl fishery for atlantic seabob shrimp Xiphopenaeus kroyeri in suriname: how effective are TEDs and BRDs?

ILVO report number 139

September 2013 - ILVO report

Application of the mesma framework. Case study: Belgian part of the North Sea

ILVO report number 138

January 2013 - ILVO report

The determination of the biological value of the wandelaar area based on sediment profile imaging (SPI) and grab sampling

ILVO report number 126

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