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Newsletter December 2017

Farmer-to-farmer learning: On-farm learning practices in Europe

Are demonstration activities on farms effective catalysts for innovation and sustainable development in agriculture? How can we promote farmer-to-farmer learning across Europe? In the context of the European project AgriDemo-F2F, ILVO investigates ‘best practices’ for demonstration activities.

agridemoEurope aims to enhance the farmers’ capacity to link their local knowledge with external expertise and scientific knowledge. The ultimate goal is to support innovation and sustainable development in the agricultural sector. Effective strategies for disseminating knowledge farmer-to-farmer and farmer-to-specialist are essential. Peer-to-peer knowledge exchange seems promising from an educational perspective, but the various applications of this learning method have not been studied sufficiently in an agricultural context so far. Therefore, ILVO has started an investigation into the potential of demonstration activities on commercial farms to support farmer-to-farmer learning. The research also examines how we can strengthen the potential of this on-farm learning in Europe.

The current learning processes, practices and goals that take place during farmer-to-farmer learning at on-farm demonstrations are mapped out using surveys and analysis of in-depth case studies. The effectiveness and efficiency of the educational designs are analyzed. The analyses should also reveal ‘best practices’ for such demonstration activities.

This research project should contribute to the currently limited knowledge of developing peer-to-peer learning activities that facilitate the exchange of knowledge of innovations and sustainable practices in agriculture.

Project: Insights into learning practices at demonstration farms in Europe, focusing on farmer-to-farmer knowledge exchange.
Term: 2017-2021
Funding: AgriDemo-F2F project - Horizon 2020
Partners: 14 EU partners
Contact:, &