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Newsletter December 2017

From new technology to personalized, balanced foods

Knowledge transfer and implementation of technologies in the food industry with the goal of producing balanced food (FOODINNOTECH)
The aim of FoodInnoTech is to help companies to improve the production of personalized and balanced food adapted to target groups while keeping the production energy efficient and profitable. Personalized food products must meet special requirements for nutritional value, flavor and texture – and producing these foods in an energy-efficient as well as profitable way requires new technologies. The role of ILVO in FoodInnoTech is to bring this knowledge to food producers and help them to implement innovative technologies.

foodinnotechTo produce personalized, balanced food for target groups, food companies have to introduce new or different process techniques into their factory, such as used for emulsifying, drying, texturizing, etc. Technologies such as the “Dry-on-Water” and others preserve the nutritional value, taste and color of the foods better than ever before. These nutritious and tasty dry ingredients can form the foundation of balanced foods for elderly people, athletes and other target groups. These technological innovations are often hard to find or are still under development, which hinders the development and marketing of personalized foods.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate and promote existing as well as “technology in the research phase”. To achieve this goal, the project will fund investments for a multifunctional pilot hall and state-of-the-art technology located in the Food Pilot. This infrastructure will be used to support companies with their product development. Moreover, the flexible set-up of this pilot hall will be used to explore and demonstrate the newest technologies (beyond state-of-the-art) as “pilots of the future”.

Demonstrations about innovative technologies and their applications will be the key to knowledge transfer. Implementation in the food industry will be stimulated by coupling theory with practical application. One of the topics will be innovative drying technologies that maintain the nutritional value of food compounds while also maintaining flavor and color. Such nutritious and appetizing dried ingredients are important to maintain a balanced diet for the elderly, athletes, etc. Sauce emulgation techniques are the subject of another demo. The texture of the end products receives special attention, with a focus on adjusting the texture for patients who have difficulty swallowing. Several more demos will focus on technologies for producing personalized food.

Project: EFRO Oproep 109 “Ondersteunen van de overdracht/verspreiding van technologieën met het oog op kennisvalorisatie en vermarkting”. Binnen RIS3 – Vlaamse Slimme Specialisatiestrategie = Gespecialiseerde agro-food
Funding: EFRO
Term: 2017 – 2020
Partners: ILVO en Flanders’ FOOD