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Newsletter December 2017

Better protection of water resources in agricultural areas across Europe

The European WATERPROTECT project aims to contribute to the development and implementation of new agricultural practices focused on improving water quality in areas where water quality is under severe pressure due to fertilization and the use of crop protection products.

waterprotectVITO, ILVO, Inagro, VMW, and De Watergroep are setting up ‘action labs’ in seven countries: the Bollaertbeek (Belgium), Wexford County (Ireland), Llobregat (Spain), Jebjerg (Denmark), Gowiecina (Poland), Val Tidone (Italy), Maramures (Romania). Although agriculture and local challenges differ at each action lab, all seven are confronted with drinking water contaminated by nutrients and pesticides.

During this three-year project, a multi-actor approach will be used to explore what opportunities exist to improve the water quality in the action labs. New governance models are being tested (policy and surveillance methods) and farmers will be more involved in monitoring and improving water quality in order to increase the level of involvement. At the same time, new agricultural practices will be promoted and introduced.

Based on the results and findings, detailed advice and info will be given both to European and national policy levels, but also to all other relevant parties.

Furthermore, the WATERPROTECT reporting tool, developed by VITO, will be used to not only better map and improve the water quality in the Belgian action lab, but also in its Italian and Romanian counterparts.

Project: WaterProtect
Partners: Verschillende Europese partners. De Belgische partners zijn VITO, ILVO, Inagro, VMM en De Watergroep.
Term: 2017 - 2020
Funding: Horizon 2020