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  • ILVO Newsletter May 2019
  • ILVO Newsletter April 2019
  • ILVO Newsletter February 2019
  • ILVO Newsletter November 2018
  • ILVO Newsletter October 2018
    Will we make vinaigrette with pumpkin seed oil in the future? Will we be able to grow vegetables without plowing? Will all fish species in the sea be equally well protected? And will we be able to cope with repeated droughts? We work towards a sustainable future through research and innovation.
  • ILVO Newsletter June 2018
    From breeding of roses to reducing antibiotic use in pigs, from sustainable growing substrates to innovative spraying technology, from combined seaweed farming to monitoring dairy cattle. ILVO researchers give the best of themselves in all facets of agriculture, fisheries and nutrition, and they want to show that to you. You are cordially invited to take a look behind the scenes of ILVO research during the Agriculture Day on September 16, 2018.
  • ILVO Newsletter May 2018
  • ILVO Newsletter April 2018
  • ILVO Newsletter December 2017
  • ILVO Newsletter October 2017
    The harvest is in – time to make the reckoning. What is the soybean quality? Do we have enough maize acreage to feed our dairy cattle? Which biomass rest streams contain bioactive components? This ILVO Newsletter offers a selection of research results and newly-started projects. ILVO not only writes these results down, but we are increasingly communicating via video – made in-house. In this edition you can watch videos about the I-Love-T research project.
  • ILVO Newsletter September 2017
    During this dry summer, water is dominating the thoughts of many a farmer – and researcher. Where do we find enough water for the pigs during a drought? How is the soy crop performing under unusually dry Flemish conditions? And if the rain comes bucketing down, how can we prevent the soil from washing away? Water and much more…in the summer edition of the ILVO Newsletter.
  • ILVO Newsletter April 2017
    Spring is here! ILVO tractors are on the field, seeds are ready to sow, and calves, piglets and chicks are greeting the world, well-cared for by ILVO staff. Inside, lab research is going full-blast, international networks are being formed, and high-quality scientific publications are being written. Read all about it in this Newsletter!
  • ILVO Newsletter February 2017
    At the start of the new year, we look back at recent achievements and forward to new challenges. ILVO continues to work on healthy food, ornamental plants as we like them, an efficient and sustainable production of meat and vegetables, and so much more. Best wishes for 2017 and have fun reading!
  • ILVO Newsletter December 2016
    ILVO research follows the rhythm of the seasons. From summer to fall, from free-range broilers and grasslandscapes to white mustard and newly planted rows of trees. In this edition of the ILVO Newsletter, you can read how ILVO scientists dig deep into every subject.
  • ILVO Newsletter May 2016
    The last shudders of winter have finally passed. In this fresh spring newsletter we present the results of completed research as well as new projects and also dig deep into the field. Which research will be presented at our “Open Field Day” (all presentations in Dutch!) that takes place on June 14. Hope to see you then.
  • ILVO Newsletter March 2016
  • ILVO Newsletter October 2015
    From Polyphagotarsonemus to Serratia, from rural development to proteolysis, from cramp-pulse to roller-crimper… Behind these colorful terms you can find living organisms, real processes and innovative technologies that have been studied or developed in the last few months by ILVO researchers. Questions? Comments? Share them with us via email, Facebook or Twitter!
  • ILVO Newsletter July 2015
    Did you know that the amount of genetic material in roses influences their resistance to stress? That milk production can be modeled using artificially-intelligent algorithms? That pesticides can be adjusted to the last drop using new camera techniques? That fish sometimes get ulcers? Read in this summer edition of the ILVO newsletter about a bouquet of recent ILVO research results and newly-started research projects. Enjoy your summer reading!
  • Thematic Newsletter Genomics - May 2015
    A year ago, ILVO started the “Genomics Platform”. More than 30 researchers from a variety of disciplines work together to make Next Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS) technologies and bioinformatics more accessible, with measurable results. In this thematic newsletter we present a selection of the research themes that have made a great leap from using genomics. From improved disease resistance in plants to biodegrading plastic waste in the sea, from antibiotic resistance to reducing methane emissions, from food safety to GMO detection, from chromosome studies to molecular markers for flower colour, plant architecture and cell wall digestibility, from invasive species to new strategies for breeding… What do all of these diverse studies have in common: genomics. Page through these research results and be surprised by the applications of genomics. Want to know more? Contact the coordinator or visit
  • ILVO Newsletter February 2015
    The transition from old to new is, for many of the ILVO research projects, also a time to end an old project and start a new one. In this edition of our newsletter you can see which important research results ILVO has harvested at the end of 2014 and which new ideas were seeded in the beginning of 2015. Lively flatfish, cosmetics from the sea, healthy food and well-smelling pigs. Let the spring come!
  • Thematic Newsletter 'Soil, nutrients and compost'   
    This thematic newsletter presents the most important research results by ILVO and several partners on the subject of sustainable soil management, management of nutrients and organic matter, composting and use of compost. These results were presented during the CriNglooP Collective on October 9, 2014.
  • ILVO Newsletter October 2014   
    Autumn has arrived: time to gather the fruits of a scientifically productive summer. A toxin-free sugar syrup for honey bees, more efficient farm management, better animal welfare, innovative techniques in food production and plant breeding, and a brand-new, state-of-the-art dairy barn for outstanding cattle research. This is promising!
  • ILVO Newsletter June 2014
    A glimpse into ILVO’s news: two research platforms that will adjust ILVO’s course (Genomics and meet@all), results from our food science research (ink migration and antibiotic resistance via biofilms), fascinating new projects to reduce methane emissions starting in the calves’ intenstinal tract, optimal slaughter weight of intact boars (among others), laying hens’ welfare, STEC and CT scans of food. Read all about it here.
  • Thematic Newsletter 'ILVO at Sea' - April 2014
    In this thematic Newswave, you can dip your toe into the ILVO-Fisheries research. Read here about by-catch, fish stocks, electric fisheries, sandy shores, spatial planning out at sea, and an American jellyfish making itself at home in the North Sea.
  • ILVO Newsletter October 2013
    Teaching old hens new tricks. Pork meat from boars - without the off-colour perfume. Maize silage with better nutrition. Fruitful networks for ornamentals. Thorny problems for sustainable fruit culture. ILVO researchers are currently studying all of these questions.
  • ILVO Newsletter July 2013
    Did you know that…innovative techniques can make genes on chromosomes easier to see? Heat-treated and formolated soybeans can represent serious savings for our cattle farmers? And that our brown shrimp can get a new lease on life? You will read this and more in this issue of the ILVO Newsletter. From Flemish orchards to the fields in Malawi and Zambia, from the water column to a pig stable, from high resolution mass spectrometer to precision fertilisation: let us show you the ins and outs of the research going on at ILVO. And take a look at our job openings too - ILVO has several doctoral scholarships available in a variety of essential research projects in agriculture and fisheries.