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ILVO-VLIZ press release

Useful infographics on the status of important fish stocks for Belgian fisheries.

On the eve of the Council of European Fisheries Ministers in December - where the fishing opportunities for 2019 are decided – Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) and the Flemish Institute for the Sea (VLIZ) publish for the first time a series of summary info...

ILVO press release

ILVO harvests rubber-containing dandelion: a win-win for agriculture and industry?

Will Europe soon produce high-quality rubber from the root of the rubber-containing dandelion? This is realistic for Flanders (Belgium) and elsewhere. Researchers at ILVO have successfully scaled up the cultivation of the rubber-containing dandelion and, in cooperation with industry, are taking step...


Congrats to our tech partner! AVR CONNECT wins one of three “ICT/Digital Projects of the Year” 2018

One of three prestigious awards by the Flemish magazine DATA NEWS went to AVR CONNECT. AVR CONNECT is a project of AVR, a family owned company from Roeselare that specializes in agricultural machinery for potato cultivation.

ILVO Press Release

Lessons learned from 5 years of Pilot Projects for a Productive Landscape (PPPL)

Manifesto with 5 recommendations for successful alliances between agriculture, landscape and design A productive landscape with sustainable food production requires investments in blue climate services, transformation supervision for farmers, food directors who have time and space to actively work ...

ILVO-KU Leuven Press Release

New tools for research into biofilms: sources of contamination can now be detected and dealt with faster

Undesirable bacteria present in biofilms can possibly be suppressed by placing harmless biofilm formers next to them. That is one of the innovative ideas that emerge from the ILVO-KUL doctoral research by Sharon Maes. Biofilms are a feared source of contamination in food companies and stables, for e...

ILVO press release

Unhealthy stress and the liveability of the Flemish farming family – call for participants in new research study

ILVO is starting a delicate investigation into the well-being of farm families. The intention is to find out the degree of long-term stress present in these families, what the causes are and how that stress is being handled. There are indications that farmers run more risks in terms of excessive men...

Press release Colruyt Group

Colruyt Group and partners pioneer organic soy growing in Belgium

The partners are organic farmer Simon Colembie, La vie est belle, Colruyt Group, ILVO and Inagro. Together they have started an innovative production concept for locally-grown organic soy. Halle, October 17, 2018 - Colruyt Group joined forces with farmer Simon Colembie from Kruishoutem and the Brug...

ILVO press release

Soil passport as a new tool to manage agricultural parcels more sustainably

ILVO has started to create a kind of 'medical record' of its field plots. All soil data - crop rotation, treatments and treatments, analyses, yields and environmental conditions - are compiled. This type of an integrated dataset enables richer data mining, which can provide new insights in the field...

ILVO press release

The first aquaculture products from the project area “North Sea Aquaculture” are a fact AND a success: particularly flavoursome Belgian mussels

“North Sea Aquaculture” is bearing more fruit: successful collaboration between universities, government and the business world Halle, 18 September 2018 – Today, the first Belgian mussels from the “North Sea Aquaculture” project area (EDULIS and Value@Sea sub-projects)...

ILVO press release

Climate news: Methane emission reduction by one-third now possible on Flemish dairy farms.

Milk in Flanders can now be produced in a dramatically more climate-friendly way – if the latest products and strategies from scientific research are applied in practice. The Climate and Agriculture team of ILVO, Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has successfull...

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