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ILVO press release

Leaf spot disease in plants of the calla lily family (Araceae)

Fundamendal knowledge about the family tree of the disease agents and their specialization in certain host plants lead to more targeted detection and treatment Containment of this disease has been given a boost from Elena Constantin’s ILVO-Ghent University doctoral research. The results will ...


Seashells as potentially useful waste stream

European project “Blueshell” seeks bio-active ingredients in shells of mussels, crabs and shrimp We only consume 30% of shellfish and crustaceans – the shells just end up in the trash. A shame, because this waste contains useful proteins, fats and other components. These can be us...


Natural ventilation in dairy barns is not easy to model.

Accurate measurements of ventilation flow rate still require large amounts of time and money. On Friday 21 April 2017 Gerlinde De Vogeleer defended her doctoral study, “Reduced measuring strategies to assess ventilation rates in naturally ventilated animal houses”. Promotors were Prof. ...

ILVO press release

Making feed conversion on Flemish pig farms drop again

A challenge for ILVO and Ghent University researchers together with the farmers. Pig feed accounts for 50-70% of the cost of fattening meat pigs. For the farmers, the question is how to produce the maximum number of kilos of pig with the minimum amount of feed. This calculation becomes even more im...

VIB-UGhent press release

Higher seed production in maize: new gene discovered

Flanders Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) and Ghent University have found a gene that greatly improves the seed production and growth of maize plants. Research on crop yield is important in light of the increase in severe weather patterns that affect food production. The results of laboratory resea...

UGhent press release

Cold tolerant miscanthus delivers more biomass

Some miscanthus genotypes can handle cold weather in spring. This delivers a longer growing season and potentially more biomass, according to a study done by ILVO and Ghent University.

FOD Volksgezondheid press release

Microplastics also in sea salt

Sea salt, particularly artisan gourmet sea salt produced in the Mediterranean Sea, can contain tiny pieces of plastic. A study of the Federal Agency for Public Health, Safety of the Food Chain and the Environment, together with ILVO, revealed this new information. The presence of microplastics in fo...

ILVO press release

Antibiotics are detectable in pig saliva, quickly tested with the ROPE test

ILVO, in assignment of FEBEV (The Federation of Belgian Meat and the representative of slaughterhouses and butcheries), has developed a method to determine whether a pig has antibiotic residues in their saliva.

ILVO-UGent press release

Fast and reliable index for dairy cow welfare could lead to a quality label for animal-friendly milk

The welfare of dairy cattle can now be determined in an efficient and reliable fashion due to the flexible and relatively fast index developed by Sophie de Graaf, doctoral researcher at Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) and Ghent University (UGent), under supervi...

ILVO-UGent press release

Stay-green silage maize is only cosmetic

Bio-engineer Jolien Swanckaert (Ghent University – ILVO) has performed a doctoral study on the importance and consequences of stay-green in silage maize. When stay-green is applied to corn, it means that the cob (the generative part of the plant) does not ripen at the same rate as the vegetati...

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