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Internet-of-Cows: combination of sensors on neck and leg works better than one sensor for detection of heat and calving in dairy cattle

Sensors that continuously measure dairy cow behaviors such as lying down, walking, standing, eating and ruminating can predict timing of heat and calving within 2 and 24 hours in advance with high accuracy. The combination of sensors does better than one sensor, especially at the last hours before h...

ILVO press release

Matchmaking in the plant world?! Male infertility in celery via asymmetric protoplast fusion can increase breeders’ efficiency and stability.

For the first time cells of celery and carrot were fused with each other and grown into viable adult plants. Once mature, it is possible that these fused plants will no longer be able to self-pollinate via their own stamens. Only another celery plant will then be able to fertilize them. This opens i...

ILVO press release

ILVO, HOGENT and TRIAS join forces with Peruvian farmers and researchers around potato TUNTAs

ILVO, HOGENT and TRIAS guide a local Peruvian agricultural cooperative and university to optimize the semi-industrial production of their traditional tunas - white freeze-dried potatoes that play an important role in the daily diet of the local population. Due to climate change, the potato farmers ...

ILVO press release

What can stimulate the scale-up of agroforestry in Flanders?

Lieve Borremans exposes barriers and possible stimuli in a doctoral thesis

ILVO press release

The Innovation Support Center and ILVO are looking for examples of cooperation in agriculture, nutrition and rural development

EU Rural Innovation Contest launched by LIAISON - registration is possible until 15 March 2019 Wanted: initiatives from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in which farmers, researchers, consultants, entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, etc. join forces to effectively implement an innova...

ILVO press release

The Landing Obligation (Discard Ban) fully implemented starting in 2019

Beneficial effects on fish stocks only expected in the longer term and after correct implementation. The Landing Obligation, which went into effect in all European fisheries from 1 January 2019 is indeed capable of achieving its goal, namely that Europe’s fisheries resources will become heal...


Abstract submission for EAAP2019 is open

Please submit your abstract before March 1st!

ILVO press release

ILVO's Diagnosic Centre for Plants named the first European reference laboratory (EURL) for nematodes and bacteria

In addition to the National Reference Laboratory (NRL), the Diagnostic Centre for Plants of Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) is now also one of the first European reference laboratories for plant-pathogenic bacteria and nematodes. The aim is to align the methodo...

ILVO press release

New EU project explores digital tools for agricultural advisors

Twenty-two research centers, agricultural practice & advisory centers and agro-interest organizations from 15 European countries will work together for the next 5 years to increase KNOWLEDGE and daily use of existing useful digital tools by the farmers themselves and agricultural consultants. Th...

ILVO-UGent press release

Agroforestry with trees rows favorable for soil quality and beneficial bugs. Total biomass yield positive.

A new study on the quantitative effects of 'ally cropping', a form of agroforestry in which rows of trees are planted in the field so that all operations with the normal agricultural machinery are still possible. Doctoral researcher Paul Pardon compared plots with mature poplars and walnut, plots wi...

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