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Flemish agroforestry expertise now linked with European Agroforestry Innovation Networks (AFINET)

ILVO and Inagro now participate in the European Thematic Network called AFINET, bringing their expertise on agroforestry to a knowledge cluster of 13 partners from 9 countries or regions (Spain, the UK, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy, France and Finland). AFINET is funded by the H2020 pro...

ILVO press release

ILVO antibiotic detection lab receives prestigious AFNOR recognition for validation of test kits

The ILVO lab for screening of antibiotic residues will now perform validation tests for antibiotic kits under the norms of the prestigious AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation). Wim Reybroek, head of the ILVO lab, says “This is an international recognition of the quality of our...

ILVO press release

New research project on bitter compounds in Belgian Endive roots and chicory

Searching for new applications in the food, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Bitter compounds or “sesquiterpen lactones” are bio-active compounds that can be used in several sectors for many different applications, according to previous ILVO research. The next step is t...

ILVO press release

European study confirms Flemish research results: less antibiotic use on pig farms is possible without affecting farm profitability

Antibiotic use may be cut in half on pig farms with no loss of production or profit, as shown on French, German, Swedish and Belgian closed pig farms where farmers were given specific coaching. This is the conclusion of an economic study performed by ILVO and Ghent University using results of the Eu...

ILVO press release

How can we accelerate the transition from a fossil economy to a bio-economy? A new organization system for targeted innovation

“The bio-economy is to the 21st century what the fossil economy was for the 20th century.” That was the message in 2001, but 15 years later the bio-economy is still underdeveloped. “To realize the transition to a bio-economy, we will have to work on it from all possible angles,&rdq...


Rural sociology from Flanders to Poland

On 23-27 July the biannual congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS) will take place in Krakow. Researchers from all corners of Europe will dive into “Inequal processes of rural change: on diversity, knowledge and justice.” ILVO’s Joost Dessein is the chair of the...

ILVO-UGent press release

High-value applications for tomato waste and roots of Belgian endive

New technologies and knowledge about the composition of waste streams prepares the path for a circular economy in practice. New doctoral research was recently published on “Characterization and processing of horticultural byproducts: a case study of tomato and Belgian endive roots” by L...

ILVO press release

The creation of the plastisphere: bacteria at sea colonize the new world of plastic waste

On May 23, 2017 Caroline De Tender has defended her doctoral thesis: “Microbial community analysis in soil (rhizosphere) and the marine (plastisphere) environment in function of plant health and biofilm formation”. Promotors are Prof. Peter Dawyndt of Ghent University and Dr. Martine Mae...

ILVO press release

The bacterial community around plant roots can be managed for better plant growth and healthier plants

On May 23, 2017 Caroline De Tender defended her doctoral thesis: “ Microbial community analysis in soil (rhizosphere) and the marine (plastisphere) environment in function of plant health and biofilm formation”. Promotors are Prof. Peter Dawyndt of Ghent University and Dr. Martine Maes a...

ILVO press release

Kick-off and press conference: North Sea Aquaculture

Mussels, seaweed, oysters and scallops from our own North Sea? Flemish sustainable aquaculture gears up with two integrated trial projects.

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