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Organic Food and Farming in Flanders 2017 - 2018

With this publication we continue a biennial tradition. For the fifth time, we have gathered relevant information on research related to organic food and farming in Flanders. This overview shines a light on the research projects and results from 2017 and 2018.

Green-Air Press release

Scientific state of the art: the air purifying effect of plants

What effect do plants have on air quality, indoors and outdoors? Which plants are best and how should they be planted for optimal air purification? The Green-Air project tells us what we need to know. Can a limited number of ferns suffice to purify the air in an office space of 9 m2 and does a green...

ILVO press release

Short-chain marketing facilitates ON FARM research by ILVO

ILVO is setting up a structural research collaboration with a number of farms active in short-chain farm marketing. The intention is a smart way of extending ILVO’s research acreage to include agricultural models not yet present on ILVO's own experimental farm. The initiative embodies the idea...

ILVO press release

Mapping North Sea bottom-dwellers via automated DNA-recognition

In the next three years, monitoring of the marine ecosystem in the North Sea will become more accurate and more efficient thanks to a European research project (the Interreg North Sea Project GEANS), coordinated by Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO). Scientists fr...

ILVO press release

Tuning under-utilized fish (products) into valuable, profitable feed additives using a silage technique.

Fish heads and cutting residues from the fish processing companies, as well as landed substandard fish which may not be sold for human consumption, can be processed with higher quality and more sustainably than has been done so far. In particular, ensiling makes it possible to stabilise the secondar...

ILVO press release

ILVO takes first steps to map spread of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance through manure

Follow-up research looks at impact on crops and humans ILVO has developed a method that makes it possible to map the distribution of antibiotics via manure into the environment. With this method, 69 antibiotics can be detected at the same time, including difficult to detect colistin, an important m...

ILVO press release

Local malting barley grown in Flanders? ILVO and Brouwerij Huyghe start an agricultural experiment

ILVO and Brewery Huyghe from Melle have just signed a Collaboration Agreement on the local cultivation of barley for malting. This was done in the presence of Flemish Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Koen Van den Heuvel. For ILVO, barley is - after hops - the second brewery-related agricultu...

ILVO press release

Reduction of antibiotics (resistance) in European livestock production by a large-scale ' learning Network ' project DISARM. ILVO coordinates

In the recently-started Horizon2020 thematic network DISARM, European livestock farmers, veterinarians, consultants, researchers and industry from 9 countries are joining forces in the fight against excessive antibiotic use. In a wide range of practical cases, they seek the best (tried and tested) a...

ILVO press release

The ValgOrize project is launched! Research towards the valorization of seaweed and microalgae as food on the European market

Sustainably grown algal biomass can play a vital role in feeding the world by 2050. However, consumers in Europe are not used to eating seaweed and microalgae and food producers lack a reliable supply, which slows down innovation in the value chain. Twelve Belgian, Dutch, French and British partners...

ILVO press release

ILVO is again partner in a large-scale EU research project on Precision Agriculture: Horizon2020 Project “Smartagrihubs" has been launched.

With the HORIZON2020 Project SmartAgriHubs, Europe is investing in the further development and expansion of digital innovation hubs. These hubs serve as a platform for each actor in the Agri-food chain. The aim of this European project is to accelerate the digital transformation of sustainable preci...

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