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Ecological impact of windmills in the North Sea investigated by ILVO together with other research institutions.

Certain bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrate organisms in the new ocean windmill parks are more numerous, bigger and in better condition than elsewhere. This is probably due to the higher abundance of food and the lack of fishing activity in the zone. These are but some of the ecological effects of...


Agrolink: joining research forces for the agricultural industry

On Friday, November 15, 2013 the brand-new alliance called “Agrolink: UGent & partners” was born. This collaboration – called Agrolink for short – is the logical result of the long-standing collaboration between the Faculties of Bio-Engineering Sciences and Veterinary Sciences at Ghent Universit...

Final report

Jellyfish, jellypress and jellyperception

Study conducted within the framework of the Interreg IVa 2 Seas project MEMO (“Mnemiopsis ecology and modelling: Observation of an invasive comb jelly in the North Sea”) - Belgian case study

ILVO press release

Conference on non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic unites various forces to fight new threats

During the three-day conference on “Non-indigenous species in the North-East Atlantic”, scientists, policy-makers and managers will exchange knowledge about the problem of invasive species in the North Sea. The hope is to create an accelerated, sustainable approach to the ecological and economic imp...


The Food Pilot at a glance

Get to know our food experts and the production rooms and labs of the Food Pilot. A quick look at this film will show you whether the Food Pilot can help your company achieve its goals. Developing new recipes, products and processes? Technology for baking, drying or sterilising? Working with product...

ILVO report

Jellyfish, jellypress and jellyperception

ILVO report number 142


Cows’ methane emissions drop 10% from thyme and garlic

Some components of thyme and garlic can result in cattle reducing their methane emissions by 10-15%, as reported by ILVO scientist Sam De Campeneere during a Belgian TV programme. Methane is the most important greenhouse gas but it “only” stays in the atmosphere for 12 years. This means that efforts...


Agrolink launch on November 15 2013

A new research cluster around primary agricultural production is forming and ILVO will be part of it. The other partners are Ghent Universtity (Faculties of Bio-engineering Sciences and Veterinary Science), Inagro, Extension Research Centres for Potatoes, Vegetables and Ornamentals.


45 experimental fields, 35,000 determinations, 6,500 mini-fields harvested …

Each year at ILVO, variety trials of several agricultural crops are set up as a service to the Government of Flanders.


Service provision Animal Sciences Unit

Farms and food processing companies are confronted more and more often with problems such as an expanding number of products, quality improvement in existing products, incorporation of new techniques and methods, etc. For this reason, farms need to perform small-scale comparative trials that still h...

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