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1 February 2018 @ILVO: ammonia reduction plan press conference

... with Flemish Minister of Agriculture Joke Schauvliege and Chair of the Farmers’ Union (Boerenbond), Sonja De Becker New perspective on the ammonia reduction plan (PAS): feeding strategy Lower protein in the ration of meat cattle can cut the ammonia concentration nearly in half ILVO n...

ILVO press release

For urban agriculture, city policy makes the difference: lessons from Ghent, Philadelphia and Warsaw

Urban agriculture initiatives have a better chance of success if the city provides structural support and if a balance is struck between economic feasibility and improvement of social equality in the urban area. Those are the conclusions drawn from the doctoral research of Charlotte Prové, IL...

ILVO press release

ILVO Variety List for Maize, 2018

The ILVO variety list is now fully digitized and available at Per crop, the website gives the most relevant crop information, the variety list and the list of growers and distributors. For 2018, 10 new silage maize varieties and 5 new grain maize varietie...

Press release West-Vlaanderen

Study “Intensive animal farming and the health of those living in the surroundings” performed for the Province of West Flanders (Belgium)

There is currently no scientific evidence that living close to an intensive animal farm in Flanders could pose a health risk. A large number of the studied theoretical health risks specifically for humans living or working around these farms are not present or could not be proven. For a number of ri...

ILVO press release

Predicting fertilizer spread patterns: now faster and more precise

Doctoral research immediately transferred into new, specialized ILVO service provision Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (ILVO) has launched a new, specialized service to predict where fertilizer grains will land on the field. Equipment manufacturers, farmers and field...

ILVO Press Release

ILVO named coordinator of the independent testing for boars in Flanders pig farming

At the end of 2017, the pig and pork organizations reached an agreement about independent testing for Belgian boars.

ILVO Press Release

Improved performance of chemical and biological air scrubbers in pig barns achieved after simple adjustments

For the last 10 years, Flanders has required farmers to install a low-emissions system in all newly-built conventional (non-organic) pig and poultry housing. In her doctoral research (Ghent University/ILVO) about the efficiency of ammonia reduction in the currently-available chemical and organic air...

ILVO Press Release

A value chain for maize straw in the bio-economy: why Flanders can’t (yet) do what Canada can

In Flanders, a potential 120,000 tons of maize straw could be removed from the field as raw material for the bio-economy. But who is going to organize it? And is that even possible? According to ILVO-Ghent University doctoral researcher Anouk Mertens, a value chain for Flemish maize straw is indeed ...

ILVO Press Release

Optimal delivery of meat pigs

On 19 December Frederik Leen defended his doctoral thesis entitled Pig delivery weight optimization: revitalizing an old paradigm? Promotors of the PhD were Prof. Dr. Ludwig Lauwers (ILVO-Ghent University), and Dr. Ir. Jef Van Meensel and Dr. Sam Millet of ILVO.

ILVO Press Release

Safe-to-eat, perfectly pink and perfectly cooked brown shrimp thanks to an optimized cooking process

On 7 December 2017 Thomas Verhaeghe defended his doctoral thesis: “Optimisation of the cooking process of brown shrimp (Crangon crangon)”. Promotors are Prof. Dr. ir. Marc Hendrickx of KU Leuven, and Dr. ir. Geertrui Vlaemynck and Dr. Jan De Block of ILVO.

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