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The marriage between GM crops and European agricultural practice is on the rocks: where did it go wrong?

On 26th April 2016 Linde Inghelbrecht defended her doctoral research: “GM crops in the EU as a wicked problem. On technology, morality and a polarized debate”. The promotors of this doctoral work are Prof. Guido Van Huylenbroeck of Ghent University and Prof. Joost Dessein of ILVO and Gh...

ILVO press release

From flatfish reflexes to implementation of the European landing obligation

An exception to the landing obligation is possible for plaice, according to recent research predicting the survival of discarded fish. ILVO researchers, working in collaboration with the Belgian boat owners’ association (Rederscentrale) and Belgian fishermen, optimized a methodology using refl...

ILVO press release

“Laying hen welfare in aviaries”: doctoral defense and seminar

On Friday 22 april 2016 van 10.30u - 13u the seminar on Organic Poultry will take place at ILVO, with presentations by Jasper Heerkens, Annelies Beeckman and Ine Kempen, with a special lecture by British expert Christine Nicol. The same day at 14:30 Jasper Heerkens defends his doctoral research with...

ILVO press release

Re-inventing food for people with smell- and taste problems and problems chewing and swallowing food: “Parki’s Kookatelier”

Ministerial cooking demo and interactive press conference at the Food Pilot, April 4 2016 Jo Vandeurzen, the Flemish Minister of Health, Public Health and Family, highlights the importance of a unique collaboration between “Parki’s Kookatelier” (in English, Parki’s cooking w...


Design team chosen for rooftop greenhouse for Inagro above the REO Auction in Flanders

Press release Inagro Agriculture and industry don’t have to compete for space, as proven by the innovative rooftop greenhouse for Inagro, located above the REO Auction in Roeselare, Belgium. The partners will work together to build the research unit above the storage area of REO Auction in Ro...

ILVO press release

Flanders gives more than € 2.5 million for research in the pig sector

In the coming 4 years, Flanders (the former IWT, now Vlaio) will fund three important research projects for the pig production sector. One focuses on better taste and quality of pork meat, the second aims for a sector-wide improvement in feed conversion, and the third is examining a more sustainable...

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ILVO and Hooibeekhoeve join hands

On Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 ILVO and Hooibeekhoeve signed a partnership agreement for research in dairy farming. Both institutions have a long history. By signing this document, they choose for closer collaboration with more coordination and a common search for knowledge and opportunities.

ILVO press release

In vegetable cropping, tillage and nitrogen fertilization can be better harmonized for soil quality

On 15 March 2016, Koen Willekens defended his doctoral thesis, “Nitrogen dynamics in relation to soil management and soil quality in field vegetable cropping systems.” The promoters were Prof. Stefaan De Neve of Ghent University and Dr. Bart Vandecasteele of ILVO.

ILVO press release

No stricter sound measures are needed when building windmills at sea, research on effects on fish reveals

Doctoral thesis defense of Elisabeth Debusschere, March 11, 2016: “On the effects of high intensity impulsive sound on young European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax, with special attention to pile driving during offshore wind farm construction”.

ILVO press release

Second Open Energy Day at 22 agriculture farms and centers shows how surprising innovations work in practice

A slaughterhouse cooled with a solar panel, energy savings by combining dehumidification with heat recovery in a greenhouse, an on-farm fermenter that uses cow manure to produce energy, LED lighting that is not just a matter of economical production of greenhouse vegetables…

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