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News - Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Jarinda Viaene wins the Phytofar prize of 2017

Brussels, 28 November 2017 – Belgian researchers win the Phytofar Instituut Prizes for Sustainable Agriculture with an innovation platform for computer models in horticulture, a web application for crop protection and optimal valorization of waste streams for composting.

The doctoral prize went to the project “Optimal valorization of organic-biological waste streams from the primary sector with a focus on composting”, the project of Jarinda Viane, Ghent University-ILVO. Promoters were Prof. Dr. ir. Stefaan De Neve, Dr. ir. Bert Reubens – ILVO and Dr. ir. Bart Vandecasteele – ILVO. In the framework of the ILVO GeNeSys project, innovative valorizations of waste streams from agriculture, such as harvest waste from vegetables, farmyard manure and mowing waste from nature management, for composting at agricultural scale. In this doctoral research, first (using surveys and interviews), Viane studied what is preventing farmers from composting. Later her focus shifted to solutions for these identified stumbling blocks. In this way, more technical insight was gained into the processes, environmental impact and agricultural value of farm composting and socio-economic resources were given for farmers, policy-makers and other stakeholders to ultimately stimulate sustainable farm composting of high-quality compost in the Flemish agricultural sector.

Phytofar prize Phytofar prize